James Shedden

Side projects

I enjoy spending time outside of work on personal projects — have a look at some of the things I've been busy with.


I made an iOS app called Chooseday using React Native. It's for choosing things, like what to have for lunch. It was amazing being able to make a mobile app using my existing front end skills and I learned loads in the process. Head over to the App Store and try it out.


I have a degree in Illustration and though I chose a different career I still love making images. My work uses a combination of sculpture, drawing, painting & photography. You can see more of my illustrations over on Flickr.

Donald Patrick

I write, record & produce songs under the moniker Donald Patrick. Have a listen to one of my tracks below and check out my SoundCloud for more.

Bl00 John

Oh, and I also have a soul-singing robot alter ego... Bl00 (pronounced 'blue') John is my song covers project and is a fun way of combining my music & illustration and getting some animation involved as well. Check out the videos below and find more on SoundCloud .